Submit it! November – Our London hackathon produced 25 app submissions

Submit It! November 2015

Having had a successful outing in April, once again my team at UI Centric partnered with Windows Apps London to host a day long hackathon event for the Indie Windows developer community in and around London. These guys are some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated developers you will meet, it is always an absolute pleasure hosting these events and seeing everyone get something out of the day.

For those who submitted an app we had 6 prizes to give away (at random), including 3 phones, 2 tablets, and one copy of the brand new Halo 5 for Xbox One.

Plenty of prizes were on offer Plenty of prizes were on offer

Whilst the level of experience in the room varied, those who needed help had assistance from 4 professional Windows developers ready to tackle any problems. UI Centric also helped bring our experience in developing intuitive apps to bear by talking through User Interface principles and making suggestions to several of the attendees who came looking for ideas.

25 developers attended on the day, and we counted 25 app submissions over the 9 hours the event ran for, an outstanding result that’s broken the records set by the other Submit It! events in London and New York earlier in the year.

If you’d like to check out all the submitted apps, there’s a gallery including each one below, and you can find links for all those currently published already up on the Windows Apps London blog post here.

We’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who attended on the day, and , we’ve already had some great feedback and we want to continue to improve the event format hopefully for a Submit It! in 2015. I’ll leave you with a gallery of the prize winners and a slideshow of everyone working throughout the day.

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