Submit it! NYC – a Hackathon hosted by Microsoft and UI Centric


On September 24th Microsoft and UI Centric co-hosted a hackathon event in New York City aimed at indie Windows developers looking to complete personal projects. Like our previous event in London we encouraged every attendee to try and submit something to the store that day, those who did were entered into a prize draw for a Surface 3 with Keyboard, or an Xbox One with Xbox Live subscription.
With around 50 developers registered to attend, t-shirts and stickers set to give away to every attendee, and of course plenty of food and drinks available to keep every developer going the event kicked off at 9am, enthusiastic and ready to get down to work we spent the first part of the day helping some developers work on new user journeys. Others were looking to create their first hosted web app in the store, and some developers worked very hard to bring projects they had spent hours on to the store for the first time.

We had a fantastic day at Microsoft’s Times Square office and were happy to see a good number of apps submitted by the end of the day. The best part of these days is always seeing inventive and enthusiastic developers working on projects they clearly care about. Our on-site technical evangelist team from Microsoft and UI Centric were kept busy all day with design tips, technical challenges and quite often aiding in creating image assets to get apps to submission!

In fact all who attended learned an important lesson that UWP store submissions can be even more complex when creating image assets then even in Windows 8 days, so a great piece of advice if you’re looking to submit soon: get your image assets created early.

You can see the gallery of submissions below, and the list of download links if you’d like to try them out.

We saw quite the variety of apps, from music and video services pulling data from various sources, to great web Reader experiences for Windows 10 across all devices, point of sale systems in active use in the US, to a technically very impressive academic aid for writing TeX and LaTeX documents.

I’d like to say a special thank you to Ari Bornstein and Andy Beach from Microsoft for coming along and supporting the day to make it as successful as it was, and also to thank everyone who joined us in 11 Times Square to share their projects and participate in the day, whether they stayed through the end for prizes or had to leave early.

There’s more photos of the event in the gallery below where you can see the joy on the face of our prize winners, as well as photos of all attendees collaborating and working together on a variety of projects

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As I’m determined to remain sleep deprived, we’re hosting the next Submit it! Event in London in a matter of weeks. Registration is still open here so if you’d like to get some help finishing your app, and possibly get your hands on a new Windows Phone, Tablet or Xbox game, sign up and come get involved!

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