Using and configuring the Microsoft sync framework 2.1 for a real O.C.A


Editors note: Today’s article comes from one of my colleagues, Nic Cogotti, describing his experience in deploying the Microsoft Sync framework to synchronise a large customer database enabling an enterprise mobility scenario for one of UI Centric’s customers.

In the following article I will illustrate a real application of Microsoft Sync Framework to implement the Synchronization of an OCA based on a large database.

During development, one of my biggest problems was that all the documentation and examples I found on the internet regarding the Sync Framework were actually too simple and could not be applied to the scenario I was facing.

In particular the main challenges in front of me were:

  • Synchronize up to 120 users at the same time
  • Each user had an average database to be initially synched of 250 MB
  • The online database was very big (around 4GB) with some tables containing around 27 million rows
  • Ideally each user should be able to synchronize in around 20 minutes

With these requirements I could not find any similar situation on internet and many problems I encountered were difficult to solve because of this.
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